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After a lot of searching and arranging we where finally on our way: New Zealand. Yes! Five weeks and several thousand kilometers of road lay waiting for us, leaving the winter for late summer.

Since we had such an early flight we've booked a room at the van der valk hotel near Schiphol Airport. We had some snow on the way there and at times it was interesting but we made it just fine.After we arrived we checked in had some dinner and went to bed early.

We got up at 5 (very little sleep that night) and headed to the long stay parking facility at schiphol, which reminded me of a skating range. A short bus ride later and we where at shiphol, fairly close to where we actually had to be.

Checking in came with a little hick-up I forgot to enter my entire first name so that had to be corrected and when boarding I found out I put my deodorant in the wrong bag, bad boy very lethal stuff deodorant. So lost that one ...

Boarding the plane was neatly ordered by kids and old folks, people with money, club members (dunno which club) and "the rest", meaning us. All this was done by a kid who was heavily in touch with his feminine side and a set of card board sings reminiscent of those used to indicate boxing rounds.

We flew with Singapore airlines and I have to say these are a friendly and professional lot.

The Ambassador Transit Hotel in Singapore was quaint you had a fairly decent size room complete with shower and a closed curtain. No window, just a curtain hanging in front of a wall as if to cover a window.


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